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At National ATM Wholesale, our motto is: When you make money, we make money.

We sell ATM machines at wholesale prices.  We also provide 100% Free ATM Processing to our clients.

You will never pay a fee for any of our processing services.  When a customer makes a cash withdrawal from your ATM machine, you charge a surcharge fee for the transaction.  As the ATM owner, you keep 100% of that surcharge revenue.  This is your profit generated from each of your ATM machine transactions.

So, how do we make money?  When the Cardholder conducts a transaction through your ATM machine, somebody has to connect them to their bank.  We are that somebody.  In return for connecting the Cardholder to their bank, that bank pays us a small fee.

This fee is called “interchange.”  Interchange is paid by the Cardholder’s bank – never from your surcharge revenue.

When you make money, it helps up to make money.  This is why we have a vested interest in the success of your ATM.

This is how we are able to offer ATM machines at wholesale prices and free ATM processing to our merchants.

What are the benefits of Processing with National ATM Wholesale?

We offer free ATM machine processing on all ATMs.

Align yourself with a company you can trust.  ATM processing is National ATM Wholesale’s foundation.

We have over 16 years experience in the ATM industry and process over 600 machines nationwide while conducting over 70,000 transactions per month.

All ATM processing comes with Online Real-Time ATM monitoring through Columbus Data Services (CDS).  You will be able to log in online through CDS and view all transactions in real-time status.  This allows you to view transactions as they happen.

Processing with CDS online access enables you to view daily, monthly, and yearly transaction reports for all of your ATM machines.  This online access also allows you to view all ATM machine errors and low cash level alerts.

With National ATM Wholesale’s Processing program, you will receive:

  • 100% Free ATM Processing
  • Online ATM Monitoring and Reporting
  • 24/7 ATM Technical Support
  • Free ATM Programming
  • Free Training
  • Receive 100% of the ATM Surcharge


For more information on our Free ATM Processing services, call us at 1-866-295-2329One of our customer service representatives will gladly assist you with all of your ATM processing needs.



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