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Gas Station ATM


Convenience Store and Gas Station ATMs

ATM machines are an essential profit-making asset for gas stations and convenience store owners.  Gas stations are the second most common location where cash withdrawals are made with banks being at the top of the list.

Every driver on the road needs to stop somewhere to refuel whether they are truck drivers or families taking a road trip.  Gas stations are the first place they stop to fuel up and the last place to refuel when they reach their final destination, not to mention all the stops they make in between.

Convenience stores are in the same category as gas stations.  Convenient stores are supposed to offer roadside convenience to travelers.  What can be more convenient than providing your customers with quick access to their cash?

Financial studies have shown that 30 – 50% of ATM customers spend large portions of their withdrawn cash at the very location from which it was dispensed.  That’s double profits for business owners who have ATMs!

Buying an ATM for your Gas Station or Convenience Store

There are many options when it comes to placing an ATM machine at your gas station or convenience store.  One option is to directly buy an ATM for your business.  When you purchase an ATM machine outright, you retain 100% of the surcharge revenue.

By purchasing your own ATM, you will need to spend approximately $2000 – $2500 depending on which make and model you choose.  Once your machine is activated, you will begin to see an immediate return on your investment.  Your new ATM machine could pay for itself within a matter of weeks.  After that, it all becomes pure profit for you.

When it comes to buying an ATM machine, National ATM Wholesale is the ATM experts.  Call us today at 1-866-295-2329!

Lease an ATM

National ATM Wholesale also offers customers another option which is to lease an ATM.

Under this lease-to-own option, you will be required to make monthly payments which include interest.  Many merchants choose to lease an ATM rather than own one due to the affordable monthly payments that we offer.

Here is the best part.  With the lease-to-own option, you also retain 100% of the surcharge revenue.

For more information about how you can lease an ATM, click HERE.

National ATM Wholesales Gas Station and Convenience Store Placement and Partnership Programs

Not every business owner wants to buy their own ATM machine.  With Gas Station ATM Placement Program, you don’t have to.  We have the perfect option for you.

ATM Placement Program

We will deliver and install the ATM at your place of business at absolutely no cost to you.  The machine maintenance and cash supply will remain as our responsibility.  You are not required to do anything other than place the ATM at your gas station or convenience store.

Under the Gas Station / Convenience Store Placement Program, you earn a percentage of the surcharge profits from the ATM.  That percentage will be deposited directly into your designated bank account.  We pay those funds out to you on a daily basis.  You will never have to wait more than a day to see your profit.

ATM Partnership Program

If you are the type of business owner who prefers to be a little more involved, then the Gas Station / Convenience Store ATM Partnership Program may be a better option for you.  You will earn 50% of the surcharge profits and will be responsible for maintaining the cash level of the ATM, but we retain ownership of the actual machine.

As with the ATM Placement Program, the surcharge profits will be directly deposited into your bank account on a daily basis.


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