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National ATM Wholesale is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, while our sales office is located in the heart of Greenville, South Carolina.   We are one of the largest providers of ATM sales and placements in the wonderful state of South Carolina.   We are a national company servicing all 50 states which enables us to provide ATM solutions for merchants and locations of every size.

We personally own and operate over 300 ATMs nationwide with over 70 of those ATMs located in the state of South Carolina.   Whether you are in Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Camden, Charleston, Columbia, Lexington, or Winnsboro, we are here with an ATM solution to fit your business needs.

South Carolina ATM Solutions

When purchasing an ATM or considering our Free ATM Placement Program, National ATM Wholesale is South Carolina’s number one choice for ATM solutions.

South Carolina

Please contact us to buy, lease, or place an ATM in your SOUTH CAROLINA business.
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How does the Free ATM Placement Program work in South Carolina?

With National ATM Wholesale’s Free South Carolina ATM Placement Program, we will place an ATM at your South Carolina-based business at no cost to you.   You will earn a profit from placing the machine at your business while we maintain ownership of it.

We retain responsibility for the maintenance of the machine and will handle all cash that is dispensed from it.  Under the Free South Carolina ATM Placement Program, you earn a percentage of the surcharge profits that the ATM generates.  These profits will be deposited into your designated bank account daily through ACH direct deposit.  For merchants looking for a total turnkey package, National ATM Wholesale has the solution for you.

For business owners who are willing to take more of a hands-on approach, we have created the South Carolina ATM Partnership Program.  With the South Carolina ATM Partnership Program, we at National ATM Wholesale own the machine while the merchant assumes responsibility for keeping the machine supplied with cash.  Under this program, you will earn 50% of the withdrawal surcharge profits.  These funds will be paid to you on a daily basis through ACH direct deposit.

Why purchase an ATM from National ATM Wholesale?

As a client of National ATM Wholesale, rest assured that we will do all of the work.   We handle the operation, installation, maintenance, servicing, repair, and transaction processing for all of your South Carolina ATM machines.   We also offer a one-year warranty on your machine that covers all maintenance and service repairs at no cost to you.

By purchasing an ATM from us, you will immediately begin earning an increase in revenue with withdrawal surcharges that are determined by you.  You control the amount of profit that your ATM machine generates!

Our ATM Service Technicians are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.    When you call us, will never be transferred to an automated machine.  You will speak to a real person.  At National ATM Wholesale, we make it our mission to provide your business with a top of the line ATM machine while extending the finest customer service to our clients at any time of the day or night.   We are here to help you in every way we can.

Buying an ATM in South Carolina

The first step in buying an ATM machine is finding an ATM company you can trust.  National ATM Wholesale has been offering ATM sales and placement services in the state of South Carolina since our inception in 1996.  We handle some of the largest accounts in the downtown Greenville area.  We can guide you through the process of purchasing an ATM and helping you increase your profits.

When you are deciding on whether or not to purchase an ATM machine, you need to consider a number of variables.  The type of machine that will best suit your business needs depends on the size of your business, if you need an indoor or outdoor model, your hours of operation (for indoor models), the amount of daily foot traffic your location receives, and what types of payment your business accepts.

By making a complete assessment of your business, we will be able to help you with the decision of purchasing your ATM and how to help you receive the best return on your investment. 

Why own an ATM machine?

ATMs are excellent investments that increase the amount of customers who will frequent your establishment.  By offering your customers quick and easy access to their cash, you earn profits from the ATM surcharges while enticing those customers to spend their cash at your business.   This eliminates credit card charges while boosting your revenue.

ATM machines are self-sufficient.  The customer enters the information, and the machine dispenses the money.  They are hard at work providing cash to the public all day, all night, through all increments of weather.  You do nothing but earn surcharge revenue from customer withdrawals.

The purchase of an ATM machine has never been more affordable.  National ATM Wholesale handles all of the responsibility of the machine from installing, operation, maintenance, servicing, repair, and transaction processing for all of your South Carolina ATM machines.

The purchase of an ATM machine from us includes everything: taxes, shipping, processing, and a one-year parts warranty.  There are absolutely no hidden fees.



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